VALUE CREATION ADVISORY for 10x-ing Business Value 

For personal and professional growth, freedom, and fulfillment

For startups and small to mid-sized businesses (5 - 99 Employees)

Do Any or All of These Sound Like You?

I Can't Keep Up

I always feel like my business is in chaos, and things are always falling through the cracks. I have little to no time for myself or my family.

My Employees Aren't Great

I am unable to find enough great employees who are good initiators, work hard, and can be left independently to handle a job.

I Can’t Take a Vacation

I can't find freedom from the constant stress my business is bringing. I feel like I'm losing control, and things will go in the wrong direction and fall apart.

Here's the Catch

Your mindset is the biggest barrier stopping you from growing and keeping you undervalued.

A lack of core values such as communication with co-workers, trust, a safe environment, teamwork, and a growth system is holding you back from success and freedom.

With a fixed mindset, you can seldom grow 5% a year.

fixed mindset 

A business with a fixed mindset assumes that employees have the same set of capabilities they had when they started the job, and those capabilities will not change. They also believe that entrepreneurs and leaders are born with a special sense of business that employees just don’t have.



A business with a growth mindset assumes that employees can learn, grow, and develop new capabilities. Therefore, leaders in growth-minded businesses invest in employees, lean systems, and continuous improvement.

Find Freedom and 10-x Your Business Value

by Transitioning from a Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset.

Hi! I'm John.

An ex-tax lawyer, type A-er, and now a value creation advisor obsessed with identifying malfunctions of the businesses and making them realize their full potential.

I help businesses outperform and unlock their value by transitioning them from a silo-based environment to teamwork by building trust, communication, and respect among employees.

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I have helped multiple businesses to date, and I'll do it for YOU.

How Can I Help You?

Intelligent Work is an advisory program designed to help you step out of silos and create a better and more reliable working environment with trust and collaboration.

Transition from Silos to Teams

We believe everyone in the workplace deserves equal respect. Intelligent Work helps you transition from silos to teams, improve communication in your organization, and develop new capabilities that will help you grow and scale your business.

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Engage in a Smart Workplace

Intelligent Work helps reduce wasted time so that you can find time for training, creating systems with better and clear expectations, and developing psychologically safe teams. The result? 10-xing the value of your business.

FIND Freedom for All

Freedom is different for different designations. From owner managers to employees, Intelligent Work opens up a path to everyone’s freedom:

Owner-Manager - Transition into an investor-advisor role and step out of day-to-day responsibilities.

Managers - Step up into leadership roles with real decision-making capacity and an ownership stake in the business.

Employees - Find meaningful work that’s secure, pays well, and takes care of retirement. 

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