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We go back a long way

Hi! I'm John.

My journey began when I was working as a lawyer, advocating for small business owners. While working with them, I realized that most of these businesses are undervalued because they are owner-dependent. Often times, the owner is single-handedly holding the business together and if he or she is no longer running it, the business will fall apart. Hence, the business cannot be sold for what it is truly worth.

This got me thinking: how can these owners realize the full potential of their business? After years of relentless research on this question and working closely with small business owners I have developed expertise in identifying the malfunctions of small businesses and helping them realize their full potential.

My aim is not to morph your business into something it's not, but to help you realize and own the value of what you offer.

John Mill
Founder of Intelligent Work
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I am a Certified Digital Advisor with Digital Maturity Group.


To empower small business owner-managers in their digital transformation journey, fostering a culture of trust, respect, and flow, improving their operational efficiency, and enhancing their intrinsic business value.


To lead the way in digital adoption for small businesses in the construction industry and beyond, cultivating an environment where trust is uncompromised, respect for people is fundamental, and the purity of flow state is celebrated.